62nd All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (AICOG 2019)

The AICOG 2019 aims to bring to the forefront matters of invention, innovation, practical and pragmatic and futuristic solutions in a range of Obgyn issues. The Congress will draw from its previous events and develop further and cover even in greater detail the updates and educational needs of healthcare providers in aspects related to their practice of Obgyn.

FOGSI has grown tremendously, dealing with over 60 years of knowledge, innovative research and the most up-to-date tools, techniques and integrative approach. With over thousands of participants from all over the country and also countries worldwide, AICOG  is now considered a leading congress in the field of Obgyn

AICOG 2019 will include a faculty comprised of renowned professionals and practitioners from all over the country and the world, presentations on the most updated clinical and laboratory revolutions, evidence based and from practical experience. Covering all relevant issues Ob-Gyn, offering a comprehensive update on all relevant aspects by renowned and world leading experts. – creating an environment for AICOG 2019 participants to take away applied solutions in to their daily practices.


FIGO - PPH Simulation Workshop - Rio de Janeiro








FIGO - PPH Simulation Workshop - 14th to 19th October 2018

Date & Time: 11th to 20th October 2018
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


The FIGO World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics is the single largest global congress on maternal and infant health, bringing together obstetricians, gynecologists and related health professionals from around the world.

The Congress Scientific program will offer a cutting-edge line-up of renowned international speakers that will appeal to  all  audiences:  clinicians, health workers, policy makers, global agencies, health care leaders and industry specialists alike  – passionate professionals concerned with maternal and infant health and well-being.

The incredible city of Rio de Janeiro will host the Congress – experience its tremendous beauty, attractions, culture and people.

Visit https://figo2018.org/ for more information.

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