It was 8 years we continuously tried for a baby, but failed miserably. We visited all hospitals in Bangalore and Hyderabad and consulted many doctors, few for advice and few for regular treatment. As they advised every month there was pregnancy test, then follicular study, planning for fertility date and then waiting for the results along many scans. This only bought more and more physical and mental exhaustion to me. After many attempts and 6th miscarriage a very senior Dr. from Hyderabad advised me to go for either surrogacy or adoption. We decided to take a break for 3 months and i conceived immediately after that without any planning. This time we were very sure we wanted to visit Dr. Sheela Mane. I still remember every advice and precautions she gave me to make me go through this pregnancy without much complications. At most care and attention was given by Dr Sheela Mane and her team of Doctors. Today I am mother of 2 healthy kids and both were born in Anugraha Nursing Home under Dr. Sheela Mane’s care. I Seetha and my husband Naveen Desai are so thankful and grateful to her. Definitely her specialty in fertility space gives hope to many other childless couple. Thank you.

Seetha Desai, 25 May 2016

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